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From Custom EasyLanguage development to unique TradeStation indicators and utilities
TradeStation 9.1 just released
TradeStation developer

I am a TradeStation registered EasyLanguage Specialist .  I have been working with TradeStation since 2003, first with TradeStation 2000i, then with TS7 and TS8, and now with TS9, as well as working with other trading platforms before that.  I have been using and programming in TradeStation almost every working day for all this time and am an expert in all aspects of the platform.

TradeStation 9.0 & 9.1
TradeStation 9.0 was released into production in October 2010.  Since then there have been many updates including 9.1 released in April 2012.

I have been working with the alpha and beta programs since the beginning and have a good understanding and working knowledge of the new features, and most importantly the new Object Oriented EasyLanguage (OOEL) which is the new programming language for TradeStation.  I also have insight into the new features that will be arriving in future updates.

TradeStation 9.0 allows us to do a number of new things programatically in TradeStation.  It also brings a few features that were previously add-ons to TradeStation into EasyLanguage.  And there are a few features that are essentially duplicates of what we can currently do, but they have been included for completeness.

New features:
* Access to Market Depth information.  OOEL can access bid/offer information, including all prices and sizes, on a real-time basis.  If you want to use this information in your strategies or indicators now's the time to try it out.

* High level of control over Order Management.  A major complaint over the years has been the inability of TradeStation to be truly automated.  We now have the functionality to make true automation a reality!  One of the big drawbacks in previous versions was the inability to catch failed or rejected orders.  We now have this control, so can make decisions about whether to re-issue orders or to do something different.  This is an enormous step forward for TradeStation.

* Better control over Strategies.  In previous versions Strategies could only place native Market, Stop Market and Limit orders (all other orders were just simulations).  TradeStation 9 can now place any native orders that are accepted by the exchange.  In backtesting, we can vary slippage and commission on a trade-by-trade basis, so we can take account of, for instance, current market volatility or volume.  In backtesting, we can adjust entry prices to account for, for instance, bid/ask differences.  This has been a major problem when backtesting FX markets, but is now solved.

* Ability to do things at exact times or after exact intervals.  Prior to TradeSation 9 sending end of day orders was always a difficult task that required lots of extra coding and workarounds.  This is now very simple - we just say 'it's ten seconds before the market close, so send an order'.  We can also do things on a regular interval - every 15 seconds, for instance.  This has two possible uses: first it can help speed PCs up by only doing things when we need to; second, we can trade when we want to rather than waiting for a market tick (which was a limitation of previous versions).  We may get an entry signal, for instance, then say 'let's wait 30 seconds and if the market is higher than right now I'll enter, otherwise I'll wait another 30 seconds'.  This type of control is now straightforward.

Updates to existing features:
* The ability to work with Excel is now included as part of TradeStation rather than being an add-on.

* There is a new feature (called PSP) that allows us to bring in data from different timeframes or symbols into a single datastream Chart or RadarScreen.  This will be especially useful in RadarScreen where multiple datastreams are not currently supported.  Currently we use multiple-datastreams, Global Variables, ELC/ADE or my Higher Timeframe Pack to achieve this functionality.  However, PSP is still lacking in many areas and rather than replacing these other solutions it will work along side them for the time being.

* Ability to read certain text files.  This is new functionality within TradeStation, but right now it is very limited.  Reading text files has always been available with various add-ons, and this will continue to be the preferred solution.

Duplication of current features:
* Access to all the information in the Trade Manager.  Whilst this functionality exists in previous versions of TradeStation, it is now much easier to access this information.

This is just the beginning.  Now that the basic features are in place, TradeStation plan to add much more functionality over the coming months and years.  This is an exciting time as TradeStation moves to the next level!
TradeStation is undergoing major updates all the time.  New features are being added and current features changed.  It's best to ask if you want to know if something can be done.

Custom EasyLanguage Programming
Wide ranging experience in the development of indicators and strategies in TradeStation's EasyLanguage.

Development of code based on detailed written specifications through to more generalised discretionary ideas.

Coding of indicators and strategies from only a few lines long to several thousand lines.

Conversion of MetaTrader 4 indicators to TradeStation.

Rewriting of standard TradeStation indicators to expand their use and make them more efficient.  Have a look at the Linear Regression Pack for a great example.

Trading Systems Development
Extensive experience of taking trading systems/strategies through their full life-cycle; from ideas, to coding, to analysis, to forward testing, to live trading.

Development of strategies based on standard indicators, through price based filters, through to strategies based on 'discretionary' buying and selling methods.

Development of strategies that work on single symbols through to strategies that use multiple symbols and timeframes.

Platform Conversions
Conversions of indicators from other trading platforms to TradeStation. For example, from MetaTrader, NinjaTrader, AmiBroker

Analysis and conversion of indicators from other platforms to TradeStation. Many indicators are slightly different between platforms. I have done conversions such as Linear Regression Pack take into account differences between platforms, allowing Traders to do accurate, side-by-side comparisons.

Note that I only convert indicators/strategies TO TradeStation. I do not convert FROM TradeStation.

Specialist in
Multi-Data & Multi-Timeframe Analysis
I am an expert in all the different programming methods used in multi-data and multi-timeframe analysis.  From the use of DLLs such as ELC, ADE and Global Variables, to standard multi-datastreams charts, to sophisticated programming methods that replicate higher timeframes in lower timeframe charts (see the JAM HT Pack ).  This means I can pick the best method for your particular requirements.

Collections for EasyLanguage (ELC)  & All-Data-Everywhere (ADE)
ELC is a (free) add-on to TradeStation that adds a number of features to EasyLanguage. The most useful are the features that allow reading and writing data from disk. This allows you, for instance, to read the signals from trading newsletters to confirm/deny their reliability. ADE allows mixing and matching of multiple symbols and timeframes to strategies and indicators without the many limitations of TradeStation. For instance, you can use IntrabarOrderGeneration with multiple datastreams and also mix tick and time charts.

Indicators & Utilities to enhance the TradeStation experience
With a combination of EasyLanguage and C++ I have developed tools that make TradeStation a more useful and easier product to use.  From simple utilities like JAM Active Chart and JAM GVkeys .  To more advanced programs such as JAM GVStratControl .  To enabling sophisticated trading analysis with data that is external to TradeStation with JAM Economic Calendar and JAM COT Downloader . Do you need any tools that you think will improve your trading experience?

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TradeStation developer

Custom Programming
Coding of customized EasyLanguage indicators, functions and strategies.
Specialist Indicators
Unique indicator and utility packages.
DLL Development
Coding of C++ programs for improved integration and
Strategy Automation
Enhanced systems for more robust trading automation.
Platform Conversions
Conversion of indicators and strategies from other trading platforms to TradeStation.

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